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Oil Change

Changing your oil consistently is the easiest way to keep your engine running smoother, longer.
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Tire Change

As seasons change, so should your tires! Have the right tires on so you can drive at your safest.

(Set of 4)
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Tire Repair

Don't let a punctured tire put you at risk. Get your tire repaired so you can get back on the road today.

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Wheel Alignment

Get your wheels aligned with laser precision accuracy for a better driving experience.

(Set of 2)
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Prevent rust before it happens. Get rust proofing and keep your car at its best.
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Cooling System

Your engine is at its best when it keeps its cool. Make sure your cooling system is keeping up!
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Transmission Service

Your transmission is just as important as your engine. Get routine service to prevent more harmful and costly problems.
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Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you're buying a used car, know exactly what your car needs with our super thorough 300-point inspection.
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Need us to take a look?

Drop by for a free basic car inspection

Let us help you inspect your car to find out if there's any immediate servicing your car may need to keep you safe.

100% Commitment-free.

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Learn about preventative maintenance

Sign up for our free Car Care Clinic workshop

Join our free workshop to learn how you can save time and money by extending the life and performance of your car through  preventive maintenance.

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Meet Mark

Your friendly neighbourhood mechanic

Whether you need pricing, information, or just some good advice,  Mark is always happy to help. You can ask him anything.

Over 10 years of technical service experience

  • Interprovincial Red Seal Certification
  • Licensed Automotive Service Technician
  • Current member of Ontario College of Trades
  • ODP Certified
  • Authorized dealer of Continental Tires

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We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to extend our family values as a service to you and the community.

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